Unrivaled Quality...
There is no comparison between handmade and mass produced products when it comes to quality.  Every item is made individually with care and attention to detail.  Handcrafters love what they do and it shows in their products.

Natural Cold Process Soaps

We use the finest oils and butters and offer a generous sized bar using the highest quality essential and fragrance oils. 

Our Products:

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Natural Handmade Soap

Our Product Lines

Dirty Little Secret Soap Company
Located in Truckee, Ca


Natural Glycerin Soaps

Our glycerin soaps are SLS free and fragranced with the highest quality essential and fragrance oils.

  • Natural Cold Process Soaps
  • Natural Glycerin Soaps
  • Essential Oil Soaps
  • Olive Oil Soaps  
  • All of our Soaps are Phthalate Free 
  • Handmade Wood Dishes
  • Custom Orders & Wholesale 

Handmade Wood Dishes

We offer beautiful wood soap dishes handmade by us, using local reclaimed wood.